Welcome to Glow Word Books!

Welcome to Glow Word Books!

Nice to meet you. We’re Steve and Natasha Hanson, a husband/wife team who love telling stories. Our website is full of silly poems, riddles with pictures, books we’ve written and other surprises, so have a click around.

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Short Kids Poem: Vegetables & Pets

kids poems vegetables and pets

My bison won’t eat broccoli.
My panther won’t eat peas.
My mice will not eat mushrooms.
It’s only cheese they please.

I’ve tried to feed my cow
a healthy dose of kale,
but she just turns her nose
and flicks it with her tail.

I wish they’d even eat a bite!
I think that would be great
since I cannot get up to play
until I clear my plate.

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Meet Dax and Zippa

Dax and Zippa met at a town carnival and have been best friends ever since. Dax is a great kid, but occasionally gets into trouble. When he does, Zippa is always to blame.

Our Dream

What’s your dream? Tasha wants to make books that improve the lives of women. I want to make people laugh with wild adventures. That’s why we started Glow Word Books.