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Short Kids Poem: Video Games

Kids Poem Video Games

I wish there was a video game
that let me clean me room
with shiny mops and old dust pans
and dreary, deathly doom.

I want explosive mess-be-gones,
robotic cleaning whales.
They all know how to save the Earth
and vacuum with their tales.

But since there aren’t aliens
who’ve learned to make my bed
I guess I’ll have to just sit here
and play my games instead!

School Lunch Jokes For Kids

school lunch lady jokes kids

* What do you call someone who eats school lunch everyday?
- Starving!

* What’s the only sandwich worse than school lunch?
- A knuckle sandwich!

* What do you call the lunch lady who fixes fruit?
- A cherry cobbler!

* What’s the difference between school lunches and a pile of slimy snails?
- School lunches are served on a plate!

* Did you hear about the students that could learn super quickly?
- They started bringing their own lunches the second day.

* What stops a lunchroom food fight?
- A peas treaty!

* What’s the worst thing about eating school lunch?
- The food!

Short Kids Poem: Unicorn

short kids poem donkey unicorn

You may have a stable
with two unicorns,
but I have a donkey
with a dozen horns.

The first one casts a rainbow
straight into the sky.
The next one provides lift
that lets my donkey fly.

Three play like a flute
and one’s invisible.
Another is a gauge
to tell him when he’s full.

The gold one’s decorative.
The silver one’s a straw.
One horn can hold paper
while others learn to draw.

One horn lets him breath
while swimming in the sea.
The last two always fight.
Why can’t those horns agree!

Back To School Jokes For Kids

more kids school jokes

* How do bees get to school?
- The school buzz!

* Why did the broom get poor grades in school?
- It was always sweeping during class!

* What do you get when you cross a teacher with a lion?
- I don’t know, but you better behave!

* What did you learn in school today?
- Not enough… I have to go back tomorrow!

* What’s a snake’s favorite subject?
- HISStory!

* What’s a pirate’s favorite subject?
- Arrrrrrt!

* Why was school easier for cave people?
- There was no history to study!

* What kind of teacher passes gas?
- A tutor!

* Why did the student bring scissors to class?
- He wanted to cut class!

Teacher: Where are the Great Plains located?
Student: At the great airports!

Teacher: A man left San Fransisco driving 200 mph and a woman left New York City driving 300 mph. Where did they meet?
Student: In jail!

Short Kids Poem: Queen

short kids queen poem

Our school had a problem:
the principal was mean
so I wrote a letter
to the dear old Queen.

She wanted a new job.
She claimed that she was bored.
So she kicked him out
and took over our ward.

We all are royal slaves
who’ve sworn to study hard
and never pick a fight
when on the school yard.

Our school is more grand.
Our school’s much more chic.
At lunch we have banquets
with jubilees each week.

The Queen is very nice.
She lets us wear her crown
and she decrees “recess”
whenever there’s a frown.

Pass the Parcel Game Forfeit Ideas

pass the parcel forfeit ideas

Pass the Parcel was one of my favorite birthday games growing up. I still remember the first time I setup the forfeits for a group of kids who had never played it before. They were crazy about it! One mother even told me her son made his own version of Pass the Parcel and the whole family played it the next day because he loved it so much. That excitement for the game is what inspired me to write this blog post.

What is Pass the Parcel?

Pass the Parcel is a party game where people sit in a circle and pass a pre-wrapped parcel (present) from one person to the other while music plays. When the music stops, the person with the parcel unwraps one layer. Each layer has a forfiet (fun activity) written on it. This sequence continues until all layers are unwrapped. The last person to unwrap the present is awarded the prize inside.

How do you make a Pass the Parcel?

Start with a gift. I personally think it’s a good idea to have a prize that that can be shared by everyone in the group. For example, my mother would often wrap a bag of lollipops or noise makers.

Wrap the gift as many times as you have energy for. If you want to be fancy, you can use different paper between each layer… or you can keep it simple and use newspaper like we did as kids. Between each layer, write a note for the person to do when they unwrap that layer. I have included a good list of forfeits below.

The music can either be played on the piano or on your ipad etc. Some parents even prepared music prepared with stops in it so all they had to do was push play.

Pass the Parcel Game Forfeits Ideas

  1. Sing Happy Birthday like a snake (with lots of ssssssssssssss).
  2. Say Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers five times like a ventriloquist.
  3. Act like a T-Rex eating a birthday cake, remember with short arms it’s hard!
  4. Everyone sings B-I-N-G-O, but instead of saying the letters B-I-N-G-O, quack like a duck.
  5. Do ten cheers for the birthday kid, while you do ten frog jumps (jumping jacks).
  6. Play Duck Duck Goose or Grey Duck for one round.
  7. Sing Heads Shoulder Knees and Toes backwards. Example Toes Knees Shoulders Head shoulders head.
  8. Play a round of Charades. If you’re out of ideas, pick the last movie you’ve seen.
  9. Everyone does the chicken dance.
  10. Sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with all the added words. Who cares if it’s not Christmas! It’s a fun song!
  11. Play Guess the Leader: Whoever unwrapped the parcel must leave the room. Choose a leader who will do different actions that the group will follow. The person who left the room gets three turns to guess the leader.
  12. Play a round of Eye Spy. Choose something birthday related.
  13. Hop on one leg ten times while patting your head and rubbing your tummy.
  14. Play telephone (Chinese whispers). Make your sentence party related.
  15. Sing Do You Ears Hang Low of course with actions.
  16. Play Rock, Paper Scissors with the person next to you.
  17. Cluck Happy Birthday like a chicken.
  18. Everyone makes farting sounds with their hands one by one around the circle.
  19. Sing your national anthem by making kazoo sounds.
  20. Pick a TV theme song and everyone must hum it.
  21. Use the birthday kid as a puppet. Move their arms or legs until people guess what he’s doing. (Have him blowing out the candles on a cake).
  22. Name the 7 colors in the rainbow. Hint for younger kids: ROY G BIV
  23. The person who gets this card picks a famous person or TV character. Every else must sing happy birthday pretending to have that person’s voice.
  24. Name three nursery rhymes where sheep are involved.
  25. Come up with a fruit for every letter of the alphabet. Get help if you need it.

How do you keep everyone happy during Pass the Parcel?

It is important that each child gets a turn to unwrap the gift, so it’s a good idea to have the adult in charge of the music. Growing up I always thought the grown up in charge had their back turned while we passed the parcel around, but they must have kept a secret on the game in order to stop the music so that everyone got a turn.

Remember that some kids can feel self-conscious doing activities in front of a group, so try to write your forfeits so that everyone can participate. Instead of having one kid roar like a lion, have everyone roar at once to see who is the loudest. Doing the forfeit as a group is also helpful for younger kids since they might not know the words to a song.

If adults are playing too, make sure at least one of them gets a chance to unwrap the parcel.

Have fun!

Fun Kids Riddle: Farm

fun kids riddle farm
Why don’t roosters ever get rich?