Free Business Checking (for the lollipops)


Getting the account setup was probably the most exciting part of starting a business for me. It reminded me of opening my first checking account when I was a kid. I still remember going in with my mom. A lot has changed in my life since I couldn’t even see over the counter as a kid — but I’m still just as interested in the free lollipops.

It seems like it’s getting harder to find “free checking” (for individuals or businesses), but after some hunting around I settled on Colorado State Bank… it was free up to 200 transactions, which was perfect since I was only expecting one giant royalty payment each month.

I felt very responsible and grown-up walking out of the bank with a BUSINESS checking account… but I was saddened to know that the really nice banker would only be helping me for my first month. After you have half-a-million in transactions, they transfer you upstairs…

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