Why not start with a conspiracy?

surveillance van

The park where I eat lunch has been “re-sodding” many grass patches… at least that’s what I believed until I looked at the wireless networks nearby.

Is it a coincidence that the surveillance began the same week I was setting up my blog after a 2 year hiatus?

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2 thoughts on “Why not start with a conspiracy?

  1. Well, what do ya know…here in my Google Reader there appeared an update from Steve! Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere, or whatever the kids these days call it. Congrats on the business checking account! You’re official and everything now. Whee! And as for those grass patches…hm…sounds shady to me. “Grass patches.” So that’s what the FBI calls it these days?

  2. Hopefully those google reader alerts will ping a bit more frequently now. I’ve been wanting to blog for a while, but was waiting for life to calm down… eventually I realized that was never going to happen and I just had to restart.

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