Differences in Mum and Dad

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For the last five years, my wife and I have been in sync… we had a lot of the same experiences, similar reactions and always understood where the other one was coming from.

It’s been interesting having a baby because we have had radically different experiences. She had to strain to birth the baby — I applied counter-pressure here and there. My sore arms vanished in a day — she’s still not 100%. I have gotten good sleep every night — she has chosen to breastfeed the baby and thus had fragmented sleep. She is exhausted simply feeding the baby and napping — I’m in charge of everything else around the house.

But all of this has been a very good lesson in understanding and patience. Even though we’ve been together the last few days, we’ve also been apart. I need to remember where she’s coming from. A bit of understanding probably isn’t a bad thing — I hear it occasionally comes in handy with children….

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