Children are constant change

Baby Hand In Hand
After eight years of a very static life, I was thrown into a constant vortex of change when I moved to New Zealand. Since then, I have moved a dozen times, had four jobs, lived in three cities and got married. Nat bad for a few years, eh?

But none of that comes remotely close to the change I have experienced since the birth of my first child. Before my son, I had about 1 hour of baby holding under my belt — and 0 diaper changes. Since my son, I have had to learn what he wants, how to sooth him, how to change him, and quite frankly how to care for his every need.

My wife and I have experimented, changed schedules, slept for only hours at a time and been forced to constantly adjust as soon as we knew what was happening (Figured out diapers? He’s now between sizes and wants to wet every pair of clothes we put him in. Figured out sleep schedules? Time to start up your day job. Etc, etc, etc).

But all of this is great. After all, when Darwin said “survival of the fittest”, he wasn’t talking about the strongest, smartest, prettiest or cleverest person — he was talking about the most adaptable… and there’s no better instructor of change than a child.

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