How to make your daughter’s first period special

Fancy dinner
For too many girls, their first period comes and goes very unceremoniously.  They often feel alone, scared, and not really sure what is happening.  Here are some ideas to help treat your daughter’s first period with the ceremony it deserves.

Go out to a fancy meal:  Have your daughter dress in her fanciest gown and have a mother-daughter meal out at a nicer restaurant.  She may feel bloated and gross, so show her that periods can be elegant and beautiful.

Buy your daughter flowers:  Having your first period can be frightening.  If she’s too embarrassed to leave the house with you or doesn’t want her brothers to find out, buy her some flowers and discretely leave them in her bedroom.

Write your daughter a letter:  Getting your first period traditionally means that you are “now a woman”.  So write your daughter a heart-felt letter about what being a woman has meant to you.  Pass on wisdom, funny stories and show her she is supported.

Tell her about your first period:  Get the book “On The Day I Got  My Period”, which is filled with stories from around the world about women’s first periods.  At the end of the book, be sure to write what your first period was like.  She can read the book in the privacy of her bedroom and hopefully it will give her the courage to ask any questions she may have.

Buy her jewelry: Pick out a piece of jewelry that says “growing up” to you.  Wrap it up nicely and explain why you got her the present and what the present means to you.

Plan a spa day:  Treat your daughter to an evening of relaxing.  Take her to a massage, hot tub, mud bath, or even turn your bathroom into a spa.  Decorate it with tea candles, buy some bubble bath.  Turn down the lights and let her soak in the tub.  Maybe even take the rest of the family out so she can have some quiet time.

Go see a comedy: Sometimes laughter is the best thing to take your mind off of all the emotions of your her first period. Take her out to play or movie that will have you both rolling in the isles. (And don’t forget to treat yourselves to popcorn… it’s a big day!)

Remember every girl is different:  Your daughter is different than every other woman (and all of your other children), so tailor the day to her personality.  If she’s easily embarrassed, avoid anything that will alert the rest of the family.

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