The first dessert I remember

Pillsbury Rocky Road Pizza

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What’s the first dessert you vividly remember eating? My first was a rocky-road pizza my mother made for my 9th (?) birthday. I know I had eaten a lot of sugar by then, but for some reason I still can recall every detail of that cake.

It was the first time my mind had been blown away. How could a pizza be sweet? Can you just put anything on a crust and call it a pizza? I was enthralled by how the the rocky-road pizza looked so much like a pizza even though it wasn’t one. It was a textural sensation with chips, chunks and crumbles all held together with a marshmallow goo.

I can’t remember if I overly liked it because we never had it again. Chocolate chip cookies, ice-creams and little chocolates were much more the norm. But it made an impression on me and made me feel like the king of the world for my birthday — sometimes that’s all that really matters.

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