Is brown period blood normal? Yes!

Brown Rust

When I first got my period, my blood was brown for the first month, which really confused me.

I was way too embarrassed to ask if it was normal. It took all the courage I had to announce to my mother that I had my period.  I couldn’t imagine summoning the bravery to ask her if my period was considered normal.

Luckily for me, I had my answer next month, when my period changed to a normal red colour. But I was still left with plenty of other questions like how to insert tampons.

I had been given a pamphlet about periods, but that didn’t cut it for me.  I wanted to know a lot of things the pamphlet didn’t cover.  What I really needed was the guts to talk to my mother. But because I believed that periods were something to be embarrassed about, I suffered in silence.

My dream is that girls will have the courage to talk to their mothers (or other women they trust) about periods.  Periods are a natural part of life and there’s no reason to be scared of them…. but they’re so different than everything else you experienced as a kid that a few comforting conversations can make all the difference.

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  1. My wife and I are glad to hear you found this post helpful. She was really excited writing “On The Day I Got My Period” because she wanted women to feel less ashamed/embarrassed/scared about their periods and excited about starting a new chapter.

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