Blossom Gets Her First Period

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In the show Blossom, the main character has to deal with the embarrassment brought on by buying tampons. To her horror a boy from school happens to be the cashier. Luckily her best friend, Six, brings some over after she fails to buy any.

Blossom wished she had a mother she could ask questions to about her period.  (Her mother didn’t live at home.)  This episode highlights not only how important it is for young girls to have someone who they can talk to about the transitions in their life, but also how that may not always be their mother. The definition of “mother”  for everyone is completely different.

It was heart warming for me that Six offered her own mother for Blossom to talk to… and how Six was there a friend.  This episode highlights why we need a circle of woman to share our knowledge.  Every woman has had a different experience and is uniquely suited to help someone else.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of women in my world, but there may be in someone else’s world… so share your knowledge.  It never hurts to start a dialog.

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