How I got the most candy on Halloween

Pumpkin Candle
I loved trick-or-treating for years longer than I should have — but the allure of a night where I could find unlimited candy at my neighbors’ doorsteps was too much.  Getting the most quality candy was always mission, so I thought I would share some of my tips.

Trick or treat in a group.  I’m sure my parents insisted on that for safety, but I loved it because you could trade your candy with everyone at the end of the night.  If you got enough people together in a group someone was bound to love Tootsie Rolls more than M&Ms.  My mission was to find that person and make sure nobody else knew their preference.  You can even strike trading agreements before you leave.

Trick or Treat in a figure 8 or clover leaf.  If you trick or treat in small loops going in different directions from your home, it’s easier to swing by home to drop off your current loot or go to the bathroom.  (There’s no need to get a snack since you’re walking around with a bucket of sugar.)

Exchange candy with your parents.  Odds are your parents give away candy… so why not trade your junk to them for half-way-decent candy… let your parents give out the bad stuff to unsuspecting kids.

Exchange candy in the take-a-piece bowl.  There was inevitably one or two families near my house that would always have a take-a-piece bowls (but only one because the great goblin is watching) left on their stoop.  It always felt like stealing to take a whole handful, but the sign never said anything about trading with the bowl… so unload your Circus Peanuts because something in the bowl has to be better.

Memorize last year’s dead zones.  Some houses think it’s cool to give soda (but that’s heavy to carry), raisins, or toothbrushes.  Remember these houses so you can steer clear next year.

Be on the look out for parents clearing their bowl. Shortly before some parents shut off the porch lights, they dump the remainder of their bowls in a lucky Halloween bucket.  Listen to the grapevine for stories of these houses and try to position yourself to be the jackpot recipient.

Happy Trick or Treating!

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  1. Those are seriously some great tips. I can’t believe I never thought of the clover leaf/figure eight pattern, or the idea of exchanging candy with parents back home. Totally gonna do this with our kid next year :)

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