How to Insert a Tampon (or Why I Quit Ballet)

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When I first got my period, I was given a box of pads and tampons so I could decide which I preferred.

The problem was the tampons were super hard impossible to insert. I tried to use the instructional pamphlet, but it didn’t explain enough for me to understand.

I felt stuck.


I loved ballet, but was scared to continue taking  lessons.  I didn’t want to wear a leotard with my massive, bulky pads visible.

It took me almost 6 months to figure our how to insert a tampon.  I realized that you use it more horizontally than straight up like I had imagined.  I felt so relieved to figure that out… but by then I had quit ballet and missed out on a summer of swimming when I had my period.

As scary as it sounded at the time, I wished I had asked my mum about tampons.  It’s much better to go through an awkward 5 minute conversation than dread your period for the next six months!  I gave up something I loved and feel alone because I lacked the courage to ask a question.

If you’re a teen, talk to your mother.  They can answer questions better than any corporate pamphlet.  I promise it won’t be as embarrassing as you think it will be!

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2 thoughts on “How to Insert a Tampon (or Why I Quit Ballet)

  1. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your mom for that awkward 5 minutes (like me) or your mom isn’t around or whatever.. you-tube and wiki-how have CLEAN safe to watch/read. tutorials up. they’ll tell you all the facts you need to know. as well as how to choose one to your liking, explaining different kinds, and methods for taking them in or out. I didn’t ask my mom anything about it i just asked her to go pick me up. when i got home i went to my room and used my first one and every thing was fine. i was scared before i found the videos though!!

  2. Oh my gosh, thx! I don’t have my period yet but I take ballet and using a tampon seemed scary. This gave me courage, strength. I know I’ll be ready when the time comes.

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