Holding a crying baby


One of the hardest parts of parenting has been holding a crying baby and simply waiting for him to stop crying.

Our little guy has gotten so tired that he forgets how to sleep.  You can feel the tiredness in his heavy arms… see the anguish on his face… but nothing you do helps.  You can’t make him fall asleep.  You can’t sleep for him.  You can only nudge him in the direction of sleep.

The first time I felt his little tears against my hand, it broke my heart.  But it has also taught me a lot about empathy.  Holding someone in pain — when there is nothing you can do to help — is a touching experience that helps you discover the meaning of true, unconditional love.

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2 thoughts on “Holding a crying baby

  1. Oh dude, I remember those nights so vividly and the emotions that came through me when our son would just not sleep. It defies logic: they need to sleep, and all they have to do is calm down and it will come to them. But babies don’t understand logic and sometimes the only thing to do is be patient and hold them. The other night our son was crying in bed and I went in, put my hand on his back, and it calmed him down. Then I realized that these days won’t last forever, and someday I will probably wish my son would wake me up at 2am crying out for comfort.

  2. I totally understand “these days won’t last forever”… it seems like everything with a kid is a phase. He’s still an infant, but we’ve already had so many different phases.

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