Open Letter to All Mothers of Congressmen, Senators and Presidents

Capitol Building
Dear Mothers of Future Congressmen, Senators and Presidents,

I need your help. Please write a letter to your child and ask them to be nice if they win today. Growing up I was told to share, cooperate, listen and play nice with others. The last few governments have forgotten these simple, childhood lessons. I know your child may not agree with their other “classmates”, but they should still treat everyone with respect. There is a lot of middle ground we can work together on.

Too many government officials have forgotten we need to be decent people above all else. I implore you to remind them of their upbringing and call them out when they stray. Suggest a friendly lunch with a nice, young Senator from across the isle or ask them to¬† co-sponsor a bill with an opponent. It’s time to stop playing politics to get ahead personally and start using politics to build a better tomorrow for Americans.

Good luck with the elections. I welcome any of your thoughts on this subject. Thanks for keeping your kids in line,


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