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When you have a baby, you are suddenly prevented with a lot of choices you need to make.  Where do you send them to school?  Do you buy them trendy clothes?  What do you feed them?  What sort of toys and entertainment do you allow?

We found ourselves struggling a lot over our diaper decision.  Since babies can wear 10 diapers a day easily, we’ll probably have to buy (and dispose of 5,000+ diapers) before we start potty-training.

We actually live in a great time for diapers.  In addition to cloth and disposable diapers, they are also starting to manufacture flushable diapers, such as gDiapers.  There are so many choices that would make any cave-woman jealous.

We really wanted a diaper that wouldn’t sit in the landfill (5,000 times), but my husband wasn’t keen on the “yuckiness” of cloth.  So we gave flushables a price, despite the extra price.

So far, we’ve been very happy.  They are actually more absorbent than the disposable diapers we tried, which means his onesies and sheets last longer.

Being a parent has made us confront a lot of questions that are usually easy to side-skirt.  (How important is the environment — compared to cheaper diapers) and it’s really made us ask who we want to me.  We’ve learned a lot about ourselves by the choices we make for our son.

This blog is out… the baby is crying :)

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2 thoughts on “Gdiapers to the rescue

  1. I think it’s great that you two are finding an alternative to traditional disposable diapers! Our son is 16 months old and has used cloth diapers for about 15.5 of those months, but now there are times every now and then when we do disposables when cloth is just too inconvenient. I think one of the hardest barriers to overcome when looking for a non-disposable diaper solution is finding something that is sustainable in the long term, and the gDiaper flushable inserts sound like they fit the bill quite nicely. Way to go!

  2. We’ve found that the gDiapers are a nice balance: not quite as cumbersome as cloth, but not quite as bad for the environment as disposables.

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