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I hate watching advertisements.  It feels like a waste of my time, which is one reason why I don’t watch much television.

When I do watch television shows, I keep a piece of cardboard near my computer to cover the screen during ad breaks.  I thought I had beat the system!  I had tricked those marketers at their own game… until I realized how deeply interwoven the ads and television shows had become.

In a recent episode of New Girl, she pretended to be a model and spent two minutes hamming it up in front of a car while the announcer talked about how great the car was.  I didn’t even realize I was being advertised to during the show until I was going to bed a few hours later.  As I lay down, lots of other examples popped into my mind.  If you removed the gift cards from Easy A, there isn’t even any plot left!

While I know that marketing is never going away, I don’t ever want to mix my stories with advertising.  Creativity is more important than lousy money.

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