Dreaming of holding my child

Holding Baby Hand

For the last few months, both my wife and I have consistently dreamed about holding our baby. I would usually go into the symbolism of the dream (a baby is a new idea or project… and by holding it, I’m about ready to start something new… since the mood is nurturing, I’m ready to foster the new idea), but really I think my mind is trying to get a grip on the real baby that is usually on my lap.

It’s a strange dream to wake up with because I always think the pillow in my arms is a baby. I gently cradle the pillow and set it down so that I can get up to use the restroom. It always takes a good 30 seconds to realize the pillow is not actually my baby.

I think this is a strange phenomena of being a parent. Your life changes so suddenly and there are so many new ideas you need to be ready for — like it or not. It’s a lot to take in.

Have other parents had dreams like this?

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