I used to be against pacifiers

I always hated pacifiers and judged parents if they used them. I told my husband I never wanted a pacifier near our kid’s mouth.

Then I gave birth. Two days later our little angel (and everyone else!!) wanted to sleep. I couldn’t feed him to sleep because my breasts were sore, so we broke down and got a pacifier. (Thankfully, our kid was very good at breastfeeding, so we weren’t worried about this interfering with his meals).

This whole incident made me think about judging others: it’s never helpful. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they’re doing, and unless you understand all of them, you’re simply not seeing the whole picture. My sister used to say she stopped looking down on parents whose kids were throwing a wobbly in the supermarket after she had to deal with her kids melting down — I get that now.

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One thought on “I used to be against pacifiers

  1. This is so crucial, Natasha, and I’m glad you wrote it. Before we had a kid I was (secretly) judgemental of so many parents. Why can’t you control your kid? Why are you feeding him that crap? Why aren’t you disciplining her? Clearly you should be doing X, Y, or Z and I know because…I’m not a parent! But now that we have a son I have tried really hard to eliminate those judgements even though they creep in from time to time anyway (boo!). I rarely see the complete picture of another family’s life, only snippets from the store or a parking lot. Who am I to judge? They could be dealing with so many things I don’t understand, and I need to just let them be and keep my unhelpful thoughts to myself.

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