Why don’t we smile like babies?

traffic jam

We have no definitive idea why we are on Earth, yet we waste so much of our time and energy doing jobs we hate so that we can buy junk food that we know isn’t good for us, watch movies that are too violent, shop is bland, generic soul-less malls and sit alone in traffic while our cars throw soot into the air.

How did we get to that point?

When I watch my child, I’m amazed by how much he smiles.  He is happy to sit and look at me for 10 hours a day, doing nothing more than smiling, coo-ing and laughing.  How did so many of us go from that to a normal, well-adjusted adult life?  Growing up is strange.

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2 thoughts on “Why don’t we smile like babies?

  1. It’s inspiring to watch kids see the joy in the simplest things. My son smiles so big when he sees a yellow school bus go by the window in the morning, as if each one is a gift-wrapped present from on high. Why don’t adults smile like this or laugh at things for no reason?

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