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Being a first time parent is confusing.  You want to be safe, but you don’t always have the money to buy the most expensive option.  (Who knew a baby needed so many things!)

Thankfully, a friend recommended Baby Bargins, which helped me get my feet on the ground.  I was surprised to learn that the government sets a lot of minimum safety levels, so the $100 option is just as safe as the $400 one — you’re just paying for the label.  Knowing that fact allows you to choose when you want to pay more and when you don’t care.  Marketers no longer play tricks with your brain like convincing you to pay more because you think your child will be safer.

Another great tip we learned is to always get breathable fabrics for the crib.  We bought the Aden and Anais swaddles and they have been our new best friend.  When our son was first born, we swaddled him in them and now they are great as light blankets, propping him up in the boppy or a make-shift pillow for when I’m too tired to get out of the chair to nap in my bed!

If you feel overwhelmed and worried about your baby’s safety (in another words, you’re a normal parent), this book’s comprehensive research will help put your mind at ease.  I particularly love that they never accept money from companies, so their advice is as objective as you can probably get.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about Baby Bargains! I had not seen this before, but we will certainly check it out. We also have those Aden and Anais swaddles, and they are pretty nice. Our kid thinks so too :)

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