Real versus Fake Christmas Tree

small christmas tree

As a kid, I couldn’t imagine anything more magical than picking out a real Christmas tree with my parents.  I loved everything about it from watching them try to fit it on the roof of our car to sweeping up the pine needles at home.

Now, as an adult I just think about the tremendous amount of work a real pine tree brings with it.  I don’t want to pick up the tree, dispose of it, water it or sweep its needles.  Part of me feels guilty for putting up a plastic tree — am I depriving my kid of a time honored tradition?

After thinking about this for a few years, I think I’m okay with our plastic tree.  The magic of Christmas isn’t with the tree — it’s about sharing the holiday with loved ones.  There’s no shame in spending an afternoon putting up decorations, singing Christmas carols (and yes, eating a few cookies :) with your husband and son!

How about you…. have you come to terms with your fake tree or do you still make the trip down to the tree lot?

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2 thoughts on “Real versus Fake Christmas Tree

  1. I was against plastic trees for a while too, but like you I realized that the real joys of Christmas have very little to do with the tree and everything to do with the people around you. My wife found our tree at a garage sale many years ago and we will probably keep using it for a long time…unless our son wants to get a real tree someday. Then, all bets are off :)

    • You’ll have to make sure all of your son’s friends have fake trees so he never knows real ones exist! (But then he’ll go crazy in college and buy tons of real trees each Christmas!)

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