NASA: How I learned about dreaming

how a dreamer sees earth

As a kid I dreamed about being an astronaut. I wanted to see the Earth from space. I wanted to experience all those photographs of stars and the moon first hand. But all of that changed when my brother told me it took a lot of maths to be an astronaut… and I changed my mind. (Suddenly space didn’t seem as appealing when it looked a lot more like homework.)

Touring NASA as an adult, I realized how right my brother was: astronauts were extremely smart (and surprisingly fit to endure the extremes of space travel). But it also made me think about dreaming. My dream changed so quickly based on one, tiny harmless comment from a family member. How many other dreams did I give up on just as easily? I never realized how much of an impact comments (or the approval/disapproval) of friends and family had on my life. Whose opinions do you listen to? What dreams did you give up on?

So thanks to all of my friends, family members (and husband!) that believe in my dreams and help me accomplish things that seemed impossible five years ago. A generation ago, we couldn’t comprehend space and now Sir Richard Branson is offering tourists a chance to visit space like you visit London…. someday I may be taking my son into orbit with me on a family vacation!

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