To master a skill, be a baby

baby practing hand holding

I have dabbled in most of the arts (studied ceramics in college, acted professionally for a hundred shows, started out as a music major, created educational movies and published two books) and it’s easy to get discouraged. There are many more artists than high paid jobs for artists. But I think artists forget that success doesn’t come over night — instead practice makes perfect.

I’m reminded of this everyday when I watch my son. This week alone, he has grabbed my finger, let go, moved his hand away and grabbed my finger again at least 200 times. He is constantly practicing new skills. Over and over again. When he masters one thing (holding on to a toy) he starts mastering the next (passing it to his other hand).

As an adult, it’s easy to forget how much you have learned and how long it took to master. You think that every new skill should be as easy as walking, biking or drinking from a cup. But all new skills — regardless of your age — take time to perfect. So don’t give up until you’ve given your art the time it needs to flourish.

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