Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

christmas eve day present

I grew up opening presents family presents on Christmas Eve and stockings from Santa on Christmas Day.  I’m not sure if my parents gave up on making us wait or if that was simply their tradition.  I always liked that because then you had all Christmas day to play with your toys.

My wife grew up opening gifts on Christmas day.  She loved the excitement of waking up and tearing through all of your gifts.  There was so much excitement piled into one morning.

As a family, we’ve chosen to blend the two traditions.  We open many of the gifts on Christmas Eve, but usually save the big presents for the next morning with Santa’s gifts.  After getting married, I’m always amazed by the number of traditions you’re used to that might be slightly different than how your spouse did them.  Everyone grows up thinking their family is normal, but normal is different for everyone.  (At least my wife and I agree on the toilet paper going over the roll!)

When do you open presents?

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