Swaddling a bear is different than a baby

teddy bear

When I was pregnant, my husband and I learned how to swaddle a baby by practicing on our teddy bear.  It was funny to stumble across this cozy bear in different rooms… sleeping happily… just like our baby would be before too long.

However, within 12 hours of returning home with our son we quickly realized swaddling a teddy bear is nothing like a baby.  Our son could squirm, kick his legs and wiggle like nobody’s business.  I think it took us three days of practicing before we learned how to do it.  (Making sure the swaddle was over his shoulder helped… and it also stayed on better when he wore a onesie — baby skin is so soft that the swaddle just slid around next to his skin).

So if you have learned how to swaddle on a doll, don’t get too cocky…. I don’t think there is anything you can do to guarantee a good night’s sleep the first few days :)

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