Theme Parks versus National Parks

florida national park

Last time we visited Florida, we thought about going to a theme park in Orlando, but the prices were through the roof so we checked out a near by national park instead.

We were thrilled to learn that they were conducting guided canoe tours of the river… and thankfully enough other people signed up, so down the river we went.  The guide lead us under groves of mossy trees and I got to see my first alligator in the wild.  (I learned my husband is nuts as he tried to get us closer — but thankfully the person in the back of the canoe got to steer!).

After the tour, we relaxed on the bank of the river with a snack.  The lazy sun darted between the foliage, leaving beautiful reflections on the water.  There was no doubt in my mind that we made the right decision.  The magic and adventure of nature could never be re-created in a concrete theme park.  I’m still amazed that America never tries to sell itself as a nature destination because there are so many gorgeous parks!

What was the last park you toured?

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