Boy or Girl: Old Wives’ Tales

boy or girl

Starting on week two of our pregnancy, both my husband and I were sure we were going to have a boy… we both wanted a surprise, so it was a long 9 months of waiting to see if we were right.

My mum uses a crystal on the end of a string to check the sex of chicken eggs, so she tried that on me.  She couldn’t remember if “boy” was round and round in circles or back and forth in a straight line, so she did it once over my belly and once over mind head.  The chicken sexing string said I would have a boy!

The old wives’ tale says that light morning sickness is a sign of a boy, so that was another vote for boy.

Baby girls are supposed to make husbands beef up, but my husband was staying the same weight… so we had three votes for a boy and my husband also had a dream about talking to our son.

Low and behold, we now have a little baby boy who is laying here happily on my lap while I type.  Now I’m really curious to see if these old wives tales hold true for our next baby… whenever that may be.

Did you wait to find out the gender of your child?  How well did all of the old wives tales work for you?

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