How to save money: Dream Bucket

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Feel like a coffee? candy bar? magazine? No problem! With a simple swipe of a card, it’s yours.

None of those things sound extravagant, but after enough of them (plus a dab of interest — who am I kidding: A LOT of interest) and you’ve got a couple grand on the credit card.

That’s why my wife and I went on a budget — not a strict, count-every-penny budget, but a weekly allowance for entertainment and fun things. We call this allowance our “Dream Bucket” because any left over money each week gets saved towards a dream purchase.

For a long time, we didn’t think we had the money to buy the things we wanted. (New fancy dresses and travel can cost a lot!) But we realized it wasn’t our income that was off, but our spending priorities. $5 coffees, $2 candy bars, $10 lunches out didn’t seem like much, but they’ve actually turned into weekend trips and nice clothes.

What I love about the Dream Bucket is that I find myself weighing each purchase against saving for my dream purchase. $5 coffees every day can quickly turn into a cocktail dress and $2 candy bars transform into a weekend hotel room… particularly if you go through as much chocolate as I do! By weighing each tiny purchase against saving that money for a dream purchase, we have saved tons of money and bought more of what we want. I’m much happier now that I’m spending my money on things that I love instead of mindlessly buying snacks.

So get started today: what do you really want to buy? How can you afford it? Where is your money actually going? What are your little guilty pleasures? How much do you actually spend on snacks and meals out each week?

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