How to tell when labor is starting: You know!

when will i have my baby?

My midwife warned me that first time mums tend to go into labor a week or so after their due date… but that didn’t stop me from obsessing about my due date a week before I was due.

Every day I worried that today was going to be the day and we weren’t ready. Did we have enough food? Why hadn’t we installed the car seat yet? Was the nursery complete? I knew it was crazy: all babies really need is breast milk and diapers, but all I could think about was the upcoming birth.

I started pre-labor contractions pretty early, but they never lasted very long and never formed that regular pattern. I don’t know how many times I googled “when are you most likely to have your baby.” Each page said there was no way to predict your due date, but I kept searching for a prediction.

The day I gave birth, I was completely sick of being pregnant. I remember crying and asking my husband if I would actually give birth. I was so excited to meet my kid and it seemed so cruel to wait any longer.

At midnight I went into labor and I had to laugh at myself because there was no doubt I was in labor. The old quote “if you question whether you are in labor, you probably aren’t” rang true. The warm-up contractions I had been feeling for two weeks didn’t even compare. If you are googling this blog post to see if you are in labor, I can say you most certainly aren’t!

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