Writing: Are you on the roller coaster?

What is your story's point of view?

Over Christmas break I was fortunate enough to have some beta readers take a look at my new space comedy in the vein of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. After discussing the plot with one of them, I got some of the best writing advice I had heard in a while:

My opening scene was this thrilling roller coaster with twists and turns everywhere. But the narrator was sitting on a park bench and describing the roller coaster. What the reader actually wants is to be on ride — strapped into the seat, being jerked from side to side and feeling their heart go up into their throat. You’ve got to be on the roller coaster.

When you’re writing or telling a story, what point of view are you using? Are you on the roller coaster or a picnic table a safe distance away? Are you safely eating your sandwich below or hearing the squeak of the wheel peeling down the track?

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