The Wish Tree

Before I got married I was just like every other future bride and paged through old wedding magazines to get ideas about how to make our big day special.

My favorite idea I found was a wish tree. A wish tree is comprised of sticks standing in a vase. Guests can write a wish for the couple on a small note card and attach it to the tree with ribbon. Some people even use them as guest books.

It’s a great reminder of our wedding and more personal than a photo of us on the wall. It really reminds us of the community of friends/family that came together for our us.

This week I had to move the wish tree to baby-proof our home and read through a lot of the wishes. they were all about a blessed, happy family — all of which has come true!

If you need a creative idea to celebrate a birthday, special occasion or get-well, I would highly recommend one.

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2 thoughts on “The Wish Tree

  1. Ooo…now there’s a good idea! Certainly something I would do if I could rewind time by about 6 years and re-do our wedding. What are some of your favorite wishes that were on the tree?

  2. Wish trees aren’t just for weddings… make one for your anniversary, parent’s retirement party or to celebrate finishing that case of Mountain Dew. As cliche as it may sound, my favorite wishes were the ones for happiness… when you boil it all down, everyone just wants to be happy.

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