Why I gave up magazines

i gave up magazines
I gave up reading magazines a year ago. I always had a love-hate relationship with them… I would binge on them from the corner store and then wonder whatever possessed me to get them. I knew the pictures were photoshopped, the models were anorexic and that I would never look like either — but that didn’t make me give up the magazines. It just made me read them differently (with more curiosity and less jealousy).

I never liked the amount of advertising. Pages and pages of commercials — even before the table of contents. Pages and pages of products between the stories. However, I have a degree in marketing so it was interesting to see what techniques (mainly sex) they were using to sell products.

What ultimately made me give up magazines was the advertising in the articles. A friend’s company got in a big magazine not because they were the best at what they do, but because their public relations people struck a deal to do a story. The stories were a ruse! The best places to travel were paid advertisements. The top tips were propaganda from the highest bidder. Everything in the magazine was fake. I was paying money to read advertisements.

So I gave them up… and now spend more quality time with my son!

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