Why are we giving away poems and madlibs?

free poems
As you probably noticed, we’ve started to write a free kid’s poem every Tuesday and online madlibs every Wednesday. Why would an indie publishing company give away their work?

First, we want to take care of our readers. How many of you have called a giant company and waited on hold just to be told you had pushed the wrong number in the menu system and would have to wait on hold again? That is everything Tasha and I hate about heartless businesses — so we’re choosing to run Glow Word Books differently. We want gratitude to be the foundation of our business. We appreciate that you took time from your busy day to read one of our books or blog entries, so our way of saying thanks to you is a free poem.

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s cliche, but my wife and I believe that most problems can be resolved with a good laugh. When you’re in better spirits, you have more energy to tackle issues that are tricky — you also have more emotional energy which means more patience. Whenever we’re annoyed, we always try to solve it first with a laugh. Hopefully our writing can help you to take on the world.

You get what you give. We believe that what goes around comes around. We want to live in a world where people share poetry, short stories, laughter and ideas. The best way to create that world is to follow your own advice.

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Steve Hanson is the author of The Dax and Zippa Series, Monsters Midnight Feast, Wizards In The West, Butterflies Don't Chew Bubblegum and The Whens. View his Profile.

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