The problems with a television birth

television birth

TV is a form of entertainment, so it makes sense that television births usually feature crazy scenarios. But it’s sad that many people go into labor believing their birth will be like TV. For example, TV births always start with their water breaking, but most water doesn’t break until a woman is in serious labor. My water broke six hours into labor (all over the midwife’s shoe!) when I was just about done.

I don’t understand why TV women yell at their husband during birth. Yes, birth was painful — but my husband was my support network. I needed his love to keep me going. Why would I yell at the man who was rubbing my back, calming me down with his soothing voice and helping me remember how to breath. TV does a major disservice to woman by telling them to yell at their partner instead of sharing the moment of love. It’s like yelling at your mum for hugging you after you fell off your bike.

I could list more and more examples, but I think they can all be summed up by this idea: birth is not a medical emergency — it’s natural process that your body was designed to accomplish. There’s no need to include all that craziness in your idea of birth.

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