The best gift for kids is…

time with kid

There is a lot of junk in the world — and we’re told by marketers that we’re better parents if we buy it all for our kids. The more expensive the toy, the more we must love our kids.

However, I think the best gift for kids is time.

This weekend we bought a new toy for our son, but it wasn’t the toy that impressed him — it was us playing with him. The toy was just a vehicle for attention.

One of the best things to give your kids is a date with you. Take them on a walk, play at the park, crack open a board game, use your imagination or go to a children’s museum. (And make sure to leave your cell phone off — a walk together doesn’t count if you’re checking your email!) I do this with my nieces and nephews and it’s always the best part of my visit.

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