Masquerade: the start of my treasure hunt

masquerade treasure

Masquerade treasure from Kit Williams

When I was about ten I read a book called Masquerade that was written and illustrated by Kit Williams. It was full of elaborate pictures littered with carefully designed clues that would lead you to real treasure he buried in England. Even though I wasn’t in England, I could still participate. If you solved the riddle and mailed him a letter, he would dig it up for you. (I’m not sure if he dug up holes for all the wrong guesses! :)

My sister and I stared for hours at that book, dreaming about how it would feel to unearth a massive treasure. Even twenty years later I still get a rush of excitement when I think about the book.

That is the sign of a good story: it lingers in your imagination decades later. The “treasures” I have wanted during my lifetime have changed many times, but there is something universally appealing about the search.

I googled to see if the treasure was unclaimed, and sadly was unearthed when I was four. However, I will still give the book to my son, so that I can inspire him to search for back yard yetis, toadstool fairies, loch ness monsters and all the other treasures that make this world a rich place to live.

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