Your Health is your Wealth

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My dad always said “Your health is your wealth,” but I never remember how true that is until I catch a cold. When my sore throat first starts and I wonder if it’s the dry desert air or a cold, there’s a bit of excitement — will it be a cold? Will I get to sleep and watch movies? Will my wife make me cinnamon toast? My colds always come when I’m tired and run down, so the sleep and movies sounds like the best plan ever.

But it never is. After one day of a cold, I’m over it and wish I were still healthy.

This cold was more traumatic because the whole family got sick. As miserable as I was, it broke my heart to see my son sick because he didn’t understand what was happening to him? He just knew he didn’t have the energy to play even though his mind wanted to.

I’m writing this post to remind myself (and you) how important health is. I certainly appreciate feeling better.

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