Short Kids Poem: Broken Store

Short Kids Poem

I went down to the Broken Store
To buy a shattered toy.
There were so many choices
That my heart strings rang with joy.

A G.I. Joe with out a toe,
A bat without a ball
(and if you tried to swing it
You were guaranteed to fall).

Matchbox cars with just one wheel
And dolls without their knees.
A game of Twister so destroyed
It looked like shredded cheese.

Kazoos that made a silent sound
And books without an end.
There even was a bent pinwheel
Impossible to mend.

I browsed through all my options and
I settled on Twister.
It’s worthless and it’s perfect as
A gift for my sister.

About Author Steve Hanson

Steve Hanson is the author of The Dax and Zippa Series, Monsters Midnight Feast, Wizards In The West, Butterflies Don't Chew Bubblegum and The Whens. View his Profile.

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