My First Poem

my first poem

In English class we learned about poems and then the teacher told us all to write one as homework. Even though that was years ago, I still remember that assignment clearly.

After school I took a pen and some paper to the top of the valley where I lived. Sitting in the tall grass, I stared at the ocean to one side and the mountains to the other. There were no distractions. It was just me and my pen.

The poem always stuck with me. After I graduated college, I turned it into a song that I played at open mic nights in Wellington.

What was special about that day wasn’t the poem, but the lovely afternoon I spent writing in the sun. It’s easy as an adult to forget about the joy of writing (or the joy of anything!). We all need more days spent relaxing in the sun.

So here’s my first poem. It’s funny how I pretended to understand heartache long before I learned what this poem really meant.

A rainbow used to have seven colours
now it’s just got three.
It’s black and blue and grey
since you gone left me.

In summer time how the sun did shine
but that was only when you were mine all mine.
It beats my heart up that you won’t be mine.
You’re so fine.

Tear drops falling from the sky,
raindrops falling from my eyes,
Blue liquids, blue inside.

The moon once a magic place where we used to dance
in a trance how we’d dance
Now it’s just a sterile moon
white like a hospital room.

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