Online Kids Madlibs: Dyeing Easter Eggs

Mad Libs! Jumble of pencils
Fill out these questions to generate your own silly mad libs letter instantly online! (Hint: a Verb is an action. An adverb usually ends in “ly” and describes an action (like slowly). A noun is a person/place/thing. An adjective describes a person/place/thing.)



TV Show:





A Monument:


Things (plural):

This is a silly online story that will be completed with your words. Please answer the questions below and click the generate button to read the story with your words included!

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One thought on “Online Kids Madlibs: Dyeing Easter Eggs

  1. This Easter my family had an egg dyeing contest. I thought I would win by recreating the cast of Sanford and Sons in eggs, but I was completely out-done by my family. My mom used a trash can to etch traditional designs from Eugene Oregon on her eggs. My dad made scaley blue eggs by dipping them wonkily. My brother was too young to dye eggs, so he stacked them in a replica of Sydney Opera House. My sister would have won the competition. She styled her eggs like John Candy holding a CD while hiding behind 3-ring binders, but her eggs hatched into a Hippo before she was finished.

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