Story Riddle: Big Foot

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Because people hardly ever see Big Foots (and when they do they are distracted trying to snap a photo), most humans never realized that Big Foots have tiny feet. Tom and Sandra (two married Big Foots) certainly had small feet, but somehow they gave birth to a son with enormous feet. They named him Gerald after his grandfather and treated him like any normal-foot-sized son.

Gerald grew up like any other forest-dwelling ape child and excelled at badminton, but he always felt ashamed by his feet. One day after playing badminton, he came home in tears. His parents said, “There are 46 other ape-kids like you in the world, but only one with big feet. You are special and should be proud. Embrace your specialness.”

So Gerald became obsessed with everything related to feet — especially toes. He threw out his toaster and got a toe-ster — it’s much like a normal toaster but shaped like a pinkie toe and doesn’t burn your toast as often. He traded in his blow dryer for a toe dryer (a very important appliance to Big Foots since they have a lot of hair to dry after shampooing). At the end of a hard day of badminton, he would put his feet up on a toe-stool.

Winter was always one of Gerald’s happiest seasons. Not only did he get to play snow badminton, but he also was able to do his favorite winter activity. He could feel the wind through his mane and watch the world fly by. What was Gerald’s favorite winter activity?

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