Story Riddle: The Crying Carrot

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We all know that carrots give you good eyesight, but did you know that carrots also have excellent eyesight? How else could they see in their underground, mud world?

Carrots have two sets of hair: their baby hair and their adult hair. After the green baby hair pushes out of the ground, which is what humans see when they look at their gardens, it falls out and their adult hair grows in. Because we only see the baby hair that has fallen out, we think carrots are stationary, well-behaved, polite vegetables that never move — nothing could be further from the truth! Carrots are constantly on the move and build fabulous underground rooms that connect like a maze.

Since they don’t have many supplies to work with, they construct everything out of mud. They make dirt chandeliers, mud couches, mud tables, and even mud toilets — And the best way to get from one room to another is to take a mud slide! But one carrot always has to stay close to the surface to listen for harvest time — that way he can warn the other carrots to grab a hold of their baby hair and prepare to be picked!

The carrot in today’s story is named Fred Carrot and he was extremely happy . When he was on lookout duty for the carrot harvest, he heard a teenage girl blasting punk rock music from her bedroom. Fred loved punk rock and his favorite band was the one she had on: The Fertilizers.

After guard duty, Fred Carrot invited over his best-friend, who was another ground dwelling vegetable, to make chocolate mud-fins.

If Fred Carrot was so happy listening to his favorite band with his best friend, why was he constantly crying while cooking?

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