Short Kids Poem: Respect

short kids repsect poem
My mom does not respect my toys
No matter what I do.
I’m upset that my lessons are
Failing to get through.

She stepped on all my dinosaurs.
She kicked my poor t-rex.
My pterodactyl’s muddy and
I worry ‘bout their necks.

She promised to pick up my bear
From the school bus stop,
But then she left him in the cold
So that she could go shop.

She lost my purple elephant.
She mangled my stuffed hawk.
And when we had a tea-party
She never let us talk.

I don’t think that she’d like it
If I kicked her phone
Or trampled all her flowers and
And buried her trombone.

She’s impolite. She breaks the rules.
She thinks she has to shout.
Oh I wish there was a way
To put Mom in time-out.

Respect Poem for Teachers

Hey teachers! You can use this rhyming poem to teach respect in your classroom. Download our
Respect Poem For Teachers Lesson Plan (pdf). It includes a printable copy of this respect poem and questions to get kids talking about respect.

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