What a Dad Learned by being a Mother

dad as mom
This Mother’s Day my wife was unfortunately sick for the day and that meant I had to do everything (but breast feed!). I took our son for walks, played with as many toys as we could find, made all of our meals — and of course clean up afterwards… or clean as well as dads can.

I knew it wasn’t easy to be a mother, but I had no idea how exhausting it actually was. By the end of the day my back was sore, I was running out of things to entertain my son and absolutely ready for bed.

It gave me great respect for single parents who never get the breaks I’m used to… but more importantly it made me think about empathy. I learned so much about my wife’s day by literally walking in her shoes that I wondered how much I could learn about others through empathy. I thought about bad days with bosses, times friends let me down, off color remarks others made. Thinking about all of those situations, I realized there were probably good reasons why others acted the way the did… even if it’s not apparent to me.

I’ve decided not to take things as personally because everyone’s simply trying their hardest — and trying your hardest is far from being perfect.

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