Who Are The Whens?

No matter what you look like or where you live, we all spend our lives searching for the same thing.

Today we have an epidemic of people wasting time and money by searching for happiness in all the wrong places. The Whens is revolutionary because its simple message can teach us where to find happiness now.

Who are our Whens then? To meet your Whens, all you need to do is complete the following sentence: I’ll be happy when…

Chances are you have no trouble coming up with a whole page of answers. But every answer is the same: Happy when instead of happy now.

The Whens are the brain child of my husband and emerging children’s book author Steve Hanson. The idea came one night while we were both chatting about how I thought I’d be happy when I lost 30 pounds, but I actually wasn’t. I felt confused and annoyed that a belief I had had since childhood (thin people were happy), wasn’t true. At first I thought I was the problem — maybe I hadn’t set my goal weight low enough — but that’s when it hit us: it wasn’t the goal weight but rather the whole system that was wrong. That’s when my husband reached for his notepad and penned The Whens.

In our classic graduation book, The Whens are monsters that come in all different colors and sizes, just like our “I’ll be Happy Whens…” Except our book encourages you to be brave enough to step off their trail and search for what actually gives you a long lasting smile in life.

When Steve first read me his book, I was excited at how he had condensed and simplified a very complicated idea about being happy now so that it could be accessible to young (and busy) people alike.

Hopefully this is a concept that can help people change the direction of their life to a much happier path.

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