Sneezing on your Period

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When you sneeze, the air travels faster than most cars on the interstate. It takes a lot of muscles to make the sneeze move that fast… so what happens with your period? Does period blood leak out?

If you are bleeding heavily, yes it is possible for a small amount of blood to leak out during a sneeze, cough or hard laugh. The emphasis is on “small amount”. So don’t worry, ladies, it’s rare and it’s not like a waterfall suddenly erupts. You don’t have to hold in sneezes, stay home from your favorite party or avoid laughing at hilarious movies.

Most women rarely experience this and if they do, their pad or tampon almost always catches it.

You have lots of fluids that leave your body on a daily basis — but your bladder is strong and used to holding them in until the right time. However, your vagina is not used to that, so it is possible to be caught off guard with a big sneeze and heavy bleeding.

I have never experienced this first hand, so I have only heard about it from friends. (Maybe I’m not laughing hard enough?)

On the very rare chance that this does happen and it makes it past your pad, just wrap a sweater around your waist and excuse yourself to the restroom. You probably needed to stretch your legs anyway :)

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