Sharing a Child’s Accomplishments

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Like most parents, my weeks are usually filled with another first. You have first laughs, first words, first crawl, first steps, etc, etc, etc. But the most heart-warming part of all these firsts is that my son wants to share them with ME.

Whenever he’s working on a new skill, he always takes time to show both my wife and I what he just mastered. Of all of the billions of people in the world, my son chooses to tell me about them — that’s such an amazing honor that I try to show him the same respect back. I make sure to give him some undivided attention every day. There’s no phone call, iphone message or TV show that’s more important than the excitement he feels after discovering something new.

So take a step back from your day and try to give your kids fifteen more minutes of completely undivided attention than you did yesterday. Just watch them play. Marvel at how much they’ve grown and learned… then you’ll wonder why you ever did anything else with that time.

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