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My wife and I started eating organics a few years ago because we wanted to cut down on the number of chemicals we were exposed to, but we never realized how many chemicals were in our cleaning products.

After some prodding from a friend and an inspiring movie, my wife and I decided to make our own cleaners from scratch.

First we took an inventory of the cleaners in our house. We can’t replace our products if we don’t know what they are.

Second we investigated what was actually in those bottles. There are many different ways to do this, but we found Skin Deep’s cosmetic database to be the most user-friendly. You simply type the name of your product and it gives you a green, yellow or red rating.

Third we decided what we needed to change. Because we had been worried about what we were eating, our dish soap was actually rated green — no need to worry there. But our moisturizer and general cleaner were big red X’s. I didn’t even realize moisturizer soaked into your bloodstream!

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Cleaning Product Recipes

After some research, we realized that most natural cleaners are easy to find, like:
Baking Soda
Lemon Juice

General Cleaner Recipe
2 teaspoons liquid Castile soap (natural grocery stores carry this)
4 cups warm water

Mix the ingredients and put into a spray bottle.

This general cleaner worked on all of our floors, counter tops and even a spot on the carpet. It sometimes felt like it left a film behind, so we did a second rinse with vinegar (the “Window Cleaner” — next recipe).

** Do not mix Castile Soap and Vinegar or it curdles **

Many online recipes call for mixing castile soap and vinegar in one cleaner, but I do not recommend that. I tried that and had a globby, curdled mess on my hands. I researched why castile soap and vinegar curdle and found a great post on Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap blog. It said that one is a base and one is an acid, so when they mix they bond so tightly with each other that there’s nothing left to fight the germs and dirty. If you want to clean with both, use two spray bottles. Clean it once with the soap and then a second time with the vinegar.

Window Cleaner Recipe
3 teaspoons white vinegar
4 cups warm water

Mix the ingredients and put into a spray bottle.

Our outdoor patio window had not been cleaned in 1 year and it was a mess. Vinegar seemed to streak a bit more than other window cleaners, but I didn’t mind doing a second coat since it was a nice day outside. After the second pass, there were no streaks. I’m guessing a less-messy window would only take one application.

We also use this window cleaner on our kitchen counters. If some of it ends up on our fruit bowl, I have no worries about eating vinegar. Just remember vinegar is an acid so it can slowly eat away at stuff like marble.

Stainless Steel Scrub
Baking Soda + Elbow Grease

To clean my stainless steal kitchen sink, I generously sprinkled Baking Soda on my slightly wet sink. I took my sponge and scrubbed. All of the grime came off, but it took a bit more elbow grease. Maybe it was my imagination, but if the baking soda and water mixed into a paste and sat on the sink for a minute it was much easier to clean.

Baking Soda also worked very well to get rid of the grime on my bathtub and my son’s big plastic car. Someday I’ll be adventurous enough to try it on my oven.

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