How To Make A Monster Costume

monster costume
Did you know that you can make a monster costume just like Lizzie did in Monsters Midnight Feast? For your costume, you’ll need:
1. Construction Paper
2. Scissors
3. Tape
4. Glue
5. Other Craft Supplies

Step 1: Make a Hat

Make a paper bandanna by cutting a few long strips of construction paper about as wide as your thumb.
Try wrapping one around your head. If it’s longer than your head it will work perfectly. If it’s shorter, you’ll have to staple a couple strips together until it’s longer than your head.
Get a piece of tape ready for the next step.
Wrap the long strip of paper around your head so it crosses your forehead and is above your ears. Once you have it fitting snugly on your head, use a piece of tape to hold the bandanna together so it doesn’t change sizes.
Carefully remove the bandanna. It should look like a big circle. Add a few staples over the tape so it doesn’t come apart.
If you have trouble getting the bandanna to be the right size, ask a friend or family member to help you. It’s easier with a second person. Congrats! You’ve finished the hardest step. Time for some fun…

Step 2: Decorate the Hat

Cut the construction paper into different shapes. Make triangles, circles, leaves, squares or any other shape you think will help you blend in with the monsters. Feel free to draw designs or pictures on them. You can even put glitter on them—just make sure it dries before you continue! All these shapes will help disguise your head from the monsters.
Attach the shapes to the bandanna with tape or staples. You can also attach the shapes to pipe cleaners or long strips of construction paper before attaching them to the hat—that way they’ll dangle down from the hat.
Feel free to attach any other craft supplies you have around the house such as: googly-eyes, feathers, leaves, pipe cleaners, shells, glitter, sand or pebbles. Just don’t pour fish juice on your hat like Lizzie!

Step 3: Make Monster’s Eyes

Next you’ll make the monster’s eyes that you can tape to your shirt. Cut two circles out of white paper. It’s best if they are the same size.
Here’s a tip for making the eyes the same size: Fold a piece of paper in half and then cut out the eyes so you are cutting both halves of the paper at once.
Decorate the monster’s eyes by drawing on the eyeballs. What color will they be? Will both eyes be the same color?
Humans usually have two eyes, but monsters can have as many or as few as you want. Make ten eyes or just one—it doesn’t matter since every monster is different.
Tape the eyes to a t-shirt. This looks the coolest if your shirt is a solid color. The costume looks less real if you have a picture printed on your shirt. If all of your shirts have pictures on them, you can turn one inside out. Always use tape to attach the eyes to your shirt. Never glue or staple them because that will ruin your shirt.

Step 4: Make the Monster’s Teeth

Cut large teeth out of white paper. Sharp, pointy, triangles work the best for scary monsters.
Tape the teeth to your shirt just like you did with the eyes.

Step 5: The Final Touches

Use anything you have around the house to disguise the rest of your body. For example:
* Wear a blanket over your shoulders like a cape.
* Wrap a towel around your waist like a skirt.
* Use any Halloween costumes you have in your closet.
* Stuff your shirt with small pillows so you look bigger than you are.
* Cover your hands in mittens.
* Use a belt to make a tail.

Step 6: Enjoy Being a Monster!

When you’re finally disguised as a monster, go have a snack in the kitchen, sneak around your backyard, get your parents to take a photo or have a monster party with your friends. Just don’t scare your brother or sister. (Okay, you can scare them, but don’t blame me when you get in trouble!)

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