Short Kids Poem: Elephant

short kids elephant poems

I took an elephant
to the swimming pool
and learned a good lesson:
I felt just like a fool!

He always budged in line
at the diving board
and trumpeted his nose
whenever he felt bored.

He ate all of the snacks.
He drank all of the juice.
And then he yelled at me
because there was no mousse.

He forgot his towel
and told me we could share,
but it was too wet.
I had to dry with air.

He’s never going back!
His mayhem was widespread!
So tomorrow I will bring
an antelope instead.

About Author Steve Hanson

Steve Hanson is the author of The Dax and Zippa Series, Monsters Midnight Feast, Wizards In The West, Butterflies Don't Chew Bubblegum and The Whens. View his Profile.

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